Monday, 17 November 2014

The results are in.

As a long time horseback rider, I can honestly say this has been quite a ride.  Thanks to all the good folks of Saanich – you turned out in much higher numbers to vote.  Good for you.
Thanks to all my supporters, you are the best.
Congrats to all those who ran, and most importantly, thank you to Mayor Frank Leonard for his visionary leadership, collaborative style and long term commitment to building this beautiful community.  He has been an unparalleled mentor to me.  I for one, will miss his drive, vision and support.
As for me, my commitment to community building remains undiminished.  I am certain that I will continue to serve the people of Saanich in some capacity as a volunteer.  And now back to the fun things in life, family, horses, sailing, motorcycling, running.  See you on the trails.

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